Season jitteriness

Changing seasons are very distracting to me. I am more sensitive to weather this year, getting antsy when the winds whip around the house at night, feeling pensive under grey skies, and becoming jittery on sunny days when spring is in bloom and birds are calling for mates.


Wednesday lured me outside with its summer weather, and it was fun to consider my flower photos research, since I often wonder whether the wire flowers that come out as pendants exist in real life. Now I can count petals and see what color my creations should be.


Back indoors I get antsy about upcoming summer shows, and am designing pieces that won’t melt in the sun. Just when you find your sweet spot you have to change it up again…


Which goes for life too. It doesn’t always turn out the way we expect, both in good and in bad ways. Monday and Tuesday were a respite from all the bad world news over the past month. It was refreshing to get caught up in the debate over the Dutch King’s song. Following and laughing about a heated debate over lyrics and music was just the right medicine to counteract all the other madness in the world.


I was glued to the monitor as the Royal Family toured the Ij River in Amsterdam, and enjoyed the highlights of Dutch culture along the way. Proving that they’re from my generation, it was lovely to watch Maxima’s eyes light up at Armin van Buuren’s appearance, and even cooler to watch the King act like a rock star by disembarking from the boat to get on stage with the DJ and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

So yeah, back in 1980 it was perfectly plausible to become a princess with 3 princes my age. But Willem-Alexander made a lovely choice and I am glad my life led me in other directions.


Between the temptation to rush outdoors into the sun and the internal debates over what to make and where to show my wares over the summer—and the nervousness that comes with that—each moment must be lived happily and fully, with the knowledge that we can only do the best we can with what we have where we are.


Enjoy the blooms this week!

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