Road Trip Preparations

June is exciting and exhausting. I just recovered from the Hermosa ArtShow along with the Evanston Art Events this past weekend. I needed some auditory isolation after the onslaught of openings and non-stop music for 2 days.

Now I am gearing up for Milwaukee, where I will be teaching at the Bead & Button show with several other JigUFacturers. Spots are still available for all in-booth classes. Spend an hour with us bending wire, and you’ll be inspired at what you can do with the jig.

I am still trying to figure out my schedule for the classes. There are three I want to take for sure.

I am prepping my kits for my class, and sincerely hope I can recreate the stake I made as a sample with the Jig Template Brenda Schweder is putting together.

This is what some attempts looked like:

But hey, you’ll get some fun beads to play with!

Meanwhile, graduations are happening so I had to make a batch of Purple Angels for the upcoming Northwestern University Commencements. These cuties are now at the Evanston Pop Up Gallery on Sherman Avenue.

My shelves had gotten a bit stale so I did some freshening up this week.

I had to nod to the Bienen School of Music of course, and have more musical angels in my head.

But first, I get to overload on beads and enjoy a Jiggy getaway!

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