Replenishing the Angel Stash

Amidst all the frosty making last month, I also have a variety of angel ideas percolating in my head.

No matter how many times I tell myself I will start holiday production early, it always ends up being a mad rush in October. Summer is just too enjoyable outdoors and always packed with events.

So after the bulk of my sports teams were completed I wrangled some angels into shape.

CTA Angels are always a hit, so I decided to get as many purple line angels out of my wrists as possible.

I also adde a blue line and red line angel, with yellow, green, orange and brown still to come. Oh, and a pink line… see how quickly this escalates?

They are such fun though.

I also replenished the Chicago Flag angels.

On Halloween I worked on a sugar skull angel to honor Day of the Dead.

Then I went for the fun charms I have from various stashes. I also remembered to tag my caroling angels with their songs, since each shape matches a specific verse.

The Now That’s a Jig! pegs always make handy mandrels even off the NTAJ.

I do think miniatures should have more options than Shiraz wine, but making new labels is for another time.

All that bending and standing was hard on my body. I had to go to Williams Shoes to get some slippers with Arch Support to give my feet a break.

And that night I slept with wrist guards so I wouldn’t fold my wrists over in my sleep.

The next day I started dressing my creations.

Making outfits is a lot of fun. A few determine themselves, but sometimes the wing color is a surprise to me. When I hit a stopping point I let them all rest.

After a few more paper cutting and waxing sessions I had a new stash of angels.

They were documented before I headed off to the Wilder Mansion.

It was nice to have a section of the table cleared. Getting them out of my head and into the real world declutters the brain too.

Then came the tedious part, adding them to my inventory database.

Of course they all need ribbons and tags too.

Then I did another visual inventory of my ornament collection, which sparked even more ideas.

I washed out the carriers they travel in, since those had been a lot of places since last season.

A few were snatched up at the Elmhurst Holiday Market, and now I am rearranging the boxes to house all ornaments for the Woman’s Club of Evanston Holiday Bazaar.

It’s exciting to see how art fair visitors respond to them, and that many take a lot of time to peruse my trees.

I look forward to sending more off this season. Another batch of ideas is percolating…

My swarm needs some additions to. Clearly I’ll be happily ensconced in the studio for some time.

Check out my upcoming fairs and mark your calendar so you can shop from me. Photobomb Angel will be happy to pose with you.

And the original Angel will keep supervising my work from her window perch.

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