Pendants of the Day/Week

I started posting pendants of the day to my personal Facebook page, which seems to be resonating with my friends. So I’m contemplating shifting that over to the fan page to see if a pendant of the day/week is something people like to see.

Clockwise: Seashells in the Waves,
Raffia Square,
Wrapped Boomerang
Womanly sculptural pendant

I enjoy picking out a piece to go with my outfit, and sometimes it even forces me to get dressed. I will admit that one of these shots is actually in a pajama top.


Clockwise: Sculptural collar necklace that has been dibbed,
but a similar one is here,
Curled Collar Necklace,
Four-petal Flower (part of this set), or
check out the wax and wire option, and
Funky Dance Moves which was purchased at Custer,
but Triple Dance Moves is over here.

I’m trying to decide what to wear to this evening’s barebecue. There is a wedding to go to soon, too. It sure is fun to have a lot of inventory to choose from. Please pick something for you to strut around with!

Clockwise: Sparkly heart,
Ballsy Collar and Earrings Set with Cuff,
Sparkly Rainbow Square,
Bling-a-Ring which was purchased at Custer and has no sibling, and
Green Scribble Balls Earrings and Collar Set with a knotty bracelet/cuff (coming soon to Etsy).

What colors do you want to see these pendants with?
Remember that I have pieces at Aurora Rose in Lemont as well, which will be hosting its Cruise Night this evening.

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