First Hike in Waterfall Glen

Before my Cruise Night excursion (every Wednesday in Lemont through August), I revisited Waterfall Glen to explore the trail further. Last time I only had 20 minutes, which wasn’t long enough to experience this Prairie Gem just an hour from Chicago.


So I decided to take 3 hours before my appointment at Aurora Rose to explore. I had looked up the trail map and printed it out, but I didn’t really have a feel for how long a 9-mile trail is. I figured I had enough time to get to the Waterfall and back.

spottedbfly prairie

For a hike-to-boutique visit-to Cruise Night look I wore the fabulous Roxy Slouchy Slim-fit Jeans from Hello Holiday.


I parked near Mile 3 and oriented myself to go toward the Waterfall. The gravel path is wide and designed for biking, horses and other kinds of traffic. It also runs parallel to railroad tracks along parts of the way.


Then I came upon a cool dragonfly habitat, but they were all too speedy to be captured on camera. The birds had better luck, and I had mixed feelings observing one bird having its lunch. Yet I have no qualms about dragonflies keeping the mosquito population in check, such a human double standard…


There was a nice woodsy area which provided good shade on the first true summer day of the season.


This retaining wall and old brick structure leaves scope for the imagination. L.P.N. stands for he Lincoln Park Nursery, where trees were grown for Lincoln Park and topsoil was hauled away to build the lakefront.


I saw some critters along the way, including a fashionable millipede.



The Waterfall seemed closer as I came upon this water.


Then this apparition emerged. Not so far from civilization after all…


As the day got hotter and my water ran low I realized my hiking preparations need some brushing up. Mile 6 was a wonderful sight to behold.


I was close to the Waterfall, but time was running out, so I had to double back rather than walk that last bit to actually see it.


Then this chipmunk distracted me, and I ended up walking an extra mile down the wrong road in prairie heat. So much for planning my time wisely!


I did see pretty butterflies though.




Nothing I could do but to put one foot in front of the other as I got a little tired and needed to quicken my pace.



I really wanted these.


The miles felt a lot longer as I made my last sips of water last.


A plane would have been fun too by that time.


It was wonderful to see my car again. Yippie!


The Waterfall Glen preserve is a lovely trail and I look forward to taking a full day, with plenty of water and a hat to peruse the rest of it and actually see the Waterfall with my own eyes.


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