New pieces at local shops

With summer in full swing, I brought some new pieces to the stores where I am consigned. Just before Square Roots Fest in Lincoln Square, I sent some new stakes over to Sacred Art Chicago.

It was fun to pick out what to send over. I am curious how they do this month as the gardeners are in full swing.

I was also asked to bring in some earrings to see how they resonate with Lincoln Square shoppers. I finally made abalone cages after meaning to replenish that line a while back. My smashed earrings are always in style. Sacred Art Chicago is located at 4619 N Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.

For the Evanston Sidewalk Sale, I made some Evanston Ornaments. These were by special request, so hopefully they resonate with shoppers. I’ll fiddle with more ideas soon.

I also dropped off another musical pendant, since they always find an audience. This one came from the “The Times are Never Weary” Song attributed to Mozart. I have a few up in the web shop as well.

Musical pendants are always fun to make.

You can see the full summer collection through the end of the month, when I will think about switching pieces over for the Fall.

It was fun to do some cross-selling with Everlasting Fire Studio. I purposely made some of the stakes to fit their bud vases.

The Evanston Pop Up Gallery is located at 1627 Sherman Avenue in Evanston.

You can keep tabs on my consignment locations and future art fairs on this page. I hope to send the new musical pendants off to new owners soon. I shouldn’t leave out the violin, horn, and trumpet in this series. Makes me think of Piccolo & Saxo.

I also want to work with the bass clef some more, but that will require a 2-component piece rather than my usual single-wire technique. My JigUFacturer training should come in handy for that.

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