New pieces at Artem Gallery

Recently my elaborate copper necklace sold, which was a test piece to see if someone would collect it.

So I worked on a collar to add to the wrapped jasper I had brought in before.

I really like this look, and I think it elevates the pendants too.

I also replenished the musical pendants that depart often, but failed to take pics of their fronts!

You’ll just have to visit Artem Pop Up Gallery and peruse my shelves, which I now share with a lovely coaster and magnet maker.

I hope some bangles wander off as well.

Since I was in beehive mode, I also created a collar with a mini bee attached to it.

These mini bees are really charming, so I will be adding to the collection for this design. You might see a brand-new set at the opening of Flora, Fauna and Fascination.

The Main Show Reception is Saturday September 7th, 5-8pm, but the gallery opens at 12pm. Ice House Gallery is located at 609 South Boulevard in Evanston.

Fellow Artem resident Baz Art also has a piece in the show.

Artem Owner Sarita Kamat will be at the party, whose work fits the show theme.

We have a new glass artist at Artem Pop Up Gallery who is also fascinated with nature, her name is Reni.

You can find two bees at Artem Pop Up Gallery right now, and the rest of my inventory is slumbering at Ice House Gallery until December.

So come to the opening on Saturday night, but also do your gift shopping at the pop up gallery at 1627 Sherman Avenue in Downtown Evanston.

It’s fun to have my swarm in various places.

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