Nature walk in Waterfall Glen

Before Chicagoland’s crazy flooding last week, I was able to go on a short walk at Waterfall Glen.


I had overestimated my commute time so just 15 minutes shy of Lemont I spotted a nature preserve and decided to take a look on a sunny, warm and dry day.


My attire wasn’t hike-friendly, but the wide gravel path was perfect for my getup.


The heeled Exotic boots by Naot are surprisingly comfortable and light-weight.


I listened to a lovely concert along the way:

Meanwhile these gnarly trees hold so much scope for the imagination.


Doesn’t this one look like a wizard with a staff?


This tree looks like a perfect climbing opportunity (not that I would, even if dressed for it).

climbing tree

I spotted a dragonfly but it was flying too fast for me to capture it on camera. Speaking of Dragonflies, you can vote for my piece in Artrageous up to May 5. Choose #14 as the votes will be tallied by art work and not by artist, so having everyone choose one out of my 3 entries will ensure more success.

I’m excited to see what this Forest Preserve looks like in green.


On my way out, I noticed the preserve managers have a great sense of humor.


What’s your favorite nature preserve?

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