Aurora Rose Ribbon Cutting Party

Last Tuesday Aurora Rose had its second anniversary, which was also marked by a ribbon cutting of their new location in Lemont, IL.

Aurora Rose ribbon cutting

Vendors, customers and family members celebrated the event, and it was lovely to meet some of the creative people my Maraviglia share the space with.

Aurora Rose party

Dad’s Roadhouse provided delicious snacks for the occasion, and his jars are available for sale at Aurora Rose.

Dads Roadhouse snacks

I met the newest greeting card vendor and perused her lovely art work.

Greeting Cards at Aurora Rose

It was fun to update my shelf, which had gained a little companion who showcases my wares.

Maike's Maraviglia at Aurora Rose Boutique

I also added the Dancing Wings butterflies to see if they might go home to a young girls’ room.


The store is full of wonderful gift items, including soaps, lotions, candles, baby blankets, jewelry, fairy dolls, parasols, wall art, hair adornments, children’s clothes, stuffed animals, quirky decorative items, handbags, doll clothes and more.


Kim and Amber take pride in selecting unique handmade gifts and are very passionate about their store.

Aurora Rose owner Kim

What American Girl Doll wouldn’t want to jump into the hippie era?


Goth-minded mothers will love shopping here (the fabric sparkles!).

girl skulls

Skeleton Christmas Ornaments, anyone?

AR Skeletons

Guess which pieces went home with me?

Bracelets at Aurora Rose

I love the decorative badge holders and the paper flower bouquets, and…


Kindly Recommended went home with an Aurora Rose customer.

Kindly Recommended Sold

I love that Aurora Rose is a genuine family business, and what a nice family it is (with the webmaster son conferencing in from college for the occasion).


Close-ups of my wares now at Aurora Rose are here.  Aurora Rose offers classes and workshops, with a birdbath mosaic class coming up soon.


If you’re a car lover, check out Aurora Rose’s car show related events this summer.


2 thoughts on “Aurora Rose Ribbon Cutting Party

  1. Kim Peters says:

    Maike, what an awesome blog entry. Thank you so much for being with us on such a special day. It’s support like yours that makes Aurora Rose, A Unique Boutique truly unique. We are so fortunate to have the best vendor family out there!! I really love the “Family Picture”!! I makes me laugh every time I see it!! —Kim

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