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I’ve followed Megan Hunt since she appeared to me as Princess Lasertron in Where Women Create Magazine in 2009.  Since then, it’s been a pleasure to be inspired by her business ventures and to get to know her. Her December Radvent is a fantastic blogging challenge that helps me grow.


When she and her friend Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik started Hello Holiday: “a charming and exuberant approach to style and shopping”, I was intrigued.

Their selection of clothing and accessories is indeed charming, many offering a retro flair without sacrificing comfort and keeping different body types in mind. I watch their outfit of the day Facebook posts with much anticipation, and have numerous dresses earmarked as favorites.

When they had a 50% off jeans sale I jumped on it, and per the advice of Megan ordered the Roxy Slouchy Slim Fit Jeans. I wasn’t sure how well just going on inseam would work for me, but lo and behold, the jeans fit quite well.


They have a bit of stretch which helps my belly out, and the button-closure is comfortable even when it gets a bit snug after a delicious dinner, or one heads to Geneva for some cupcakes.


When my friends announced their July wedding, I knew Hello Holiday would be my go-to place for a festive summer dress. Given the spirit of the wedding, the Daisy Chain dress became a quick pick, since cobalt goes well with my skin tone. Darling Dita, Merengue Merengue and Pop of Peony were contenders as well. Just browsing the names and clothing descriptions is fun. Their web site is very easy to navigate, and you can pick your size to narrow down the inventory that is available for you.


My body type is similar to Megan’s so I asked for a picture of her in the dress, which was promptly provided. The shoes were tempting, but a blueberry farm wedding called for sandals, not heels.


As an in-between size I generally take two sizes into the dressing room when dress shopping, so I also sent my measurements and Hello Holiday provided the recommended size selection for me. Within days, my crisp white box arrived.


As with the jeans, opening the box was an experience.


I love the personalized note in addition to the careful wrapping (I save them). We are gifting ourselves with gorgeous adornments after all, and that should be celebrated.


The dress fit perfectly, and while it shorter than the length I usually wear, it is not too short.


I intended to create some daisy chain jewelry to go with it, but summer activities kept me out of the studio and I mixed and matched with my flower earrings and curled collar instead.


At the B&B in LaPorte, the closet even shone a spotlight on the dress.


I got lovely compliments everywhere I went.


We had a fabulous day on a blueberry farm, with loads of photographers, that led to the occasional “shoot-out” (he was faster).


I look forward to wearing this dress again as soon as it is cleaned, and am saving up for the next purchase from this lovely duo.


4 thoughts on “Loving Hello Holiday

  1. Kim Peters says:

    Thanks for sharing the information on this company!! I LOVE THEM!! You look amazing in that dress too!! Your blog is so much fun!! Thanks for doing such a great job of highlighting such great companies!!!

  2. Treasa Antony says:

    You wear the dress very well! The cuff looks great. I think I would like to add that and earings with some crystals woven through them for my wish list from Marvels. My daughter and I are so enjoying our custom hearts. ;o)

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