Last week to vote Artrageous!

This is the final week to vote for Artreageous pieces. The Art walk ends at 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 5, and voting (I’m vying for #14) closes at noon.

Artrageous Lincoln Park Map

Last weekend the Chicago Painters and Artists’ Meetup took a stroll down Clark, and it was the perfect day for it. You can pick up maps and punch cards at participating stores.


We enjoyed smelling soaps at Aaron’s Apothecary, which felt like a time warp into historic drug stores. Elizabeth Grace had some lovely letterpress cards I couldn’t resist, and we passed numerous eateries along the way that were hard to resist.


The Austrian Bakery had been beckoning us though, so we settled in for lunch there, and I took a Sacher Torte to go. Vapiano’s will have to wait until next week.


Since I was so giddy about the sunshine I forgot to take photos half the time, but you can view all of FUSEDChicago members’ art work at this album by Doug Boehm.


Head out this weekend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo among some art!


This Tweet made me blush. Life is so good right now.

Artrageous Tweet

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