Even though gallivanting takes on a connotation of ‘goofing off,’ it is also cultivating relationships, pondering my business strategies, and soaking up new information to utilize as life progresses. I am working while having fun, which is what pursuing one’s passion is all about.

One friend hosted a fabulous gratitude party for a new venture she has taken on.

Photo courtesy Valerie Beck

Photo courtesy Valerie Beck

Valerie’s book Positive Parables had its official launch at Candyality, where we enjoyed champagne, a chocolatey concoction, Swirlz lemon cupcakes and FIG Catering appetizers.

photo courtesy Women's Innovation Network

Author Valerie Beck (coral dress) with book launch partiers

Books were purchased and autographed as well.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

The Newberry Library held its annual book sale. I could only browse for 20 minutes, but came away with some fun finds.

photo copyright Maike's Marvels

WIN Committee members explored the Lillstreet Art Center (which will participate in late September’s Ravenshood Art Walk) for a Creativity in Business Day during Small Business Week October 2.

photo courtesy Women's Innovation Network

WIN Committee in front of Jenny Learner’s encaustic pieces

During the lunch following this tour, I received some tech advice from MassUpdater’s and Network Honcho’s Erica Thomas.

My drawing class is about to come to a close, and I am happy with my progress on various levels.

photo and drawing copyright Maike's Marvels

Meanwhile my lepidopterist research continues with another fascinating lady, Margaret Fountaine.

Interlibrary Loan is a wonderful thing

There is no true summer break as an entrepreneur, but I am happy to pursue this path and allow each bend to help me grow, even if it sometimes feels like an uphill climb or a detour that slows me down. The following insight came to me the other day, and I will heed it as life keeps moving along and numerous options keep coming my way that may detract from what I think I need to focus on.

“Make today a Self-Appreciation Day.

If you were up late last night
frustrated with how much is still left on your to-do list (like me),
take a moment to reflect back on where you were January 1 this year.
I’m sure you have grown, gained experience, learned something,
loved family, been a good friend, and achieved a milestone in some way. 

Even if you’re not as far along as you were hoping you would be,
remember that you are one step and one day closer to
your very own lifetime achievement award,
and every day is part of your custom journey to the fulfillment of your dreams. 

So pat yourself on the back, you’re doing GREAT!”

photo courtesy Women's Innovation Network

Sporting sunglasses I won at the J. Crew WIN Innovation Circle’s raffle,
while modeling one of their hats and beckoning someone to enter the photo with me

Most photos in this post courtesy Women’s Innovation Network.

ADDENDUM: As of March 10, 2013, I no longer support the WIN Board and its actions. However, I do support small business, women-owned businesses, and the gracious hosts of past WIN events.

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