Frozen January

This January feels stalled. I am not accomplishing what I thought I would, partially because of where my family focus has been.

I had a laundry list of things I wanted to work on since December 15, but am finding that January is breezing by.

So when I returned from Houston I decided to let January be, and am making peace with not having much to show for it.

The deep freeze left its mark, and I enjoyed the ice sculptures of Lake Michigan on a balmy 30-degree walk.

But then 2 grey days zapped my energy, and I had a 3-hour slump yesterday where I couldn’t energize myself to do anything.

Now the snow is melting, and the weather’s temperature swings are on the upward trend between 30s and 50s.

I’ll keep plugging away on the things I have set out to do, without berating myself for letting time fly by.

Living in awareness and being present is sometimes all we can do, and what is truly important will get accomplished in due time.

Ultimately it is all about perspective, and knowing we can only do what we can in the time that we have, with the resources available to us.

The things that are percolating will come to fruition, just as the plants wrapped in ice will soon be sprouting leaves again.

Life works in cycles, and we need to honor both the seasons and our own circadian rhythms, even when technology has us believing in a 24/7 alertness mode.

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