Evanston Favorites

The SJS bazaar has closed, and Turquoise Heart Angel is ready to chill (and get some correspondence done) until St. Nick drops by. Here are the places I like to go for an oasis of calm and deliciousness.


Brothers K Coffee often lifts my energy level in the morning, whether I take my mocha to go or to stay.


Noktivo pampers my hands and feet after all the wire bending and art fair loading and unloading. Jenny did this sparkly fresh manicure on a friend that I am in line for next.


Rebecca Sturgeon adjusts the rest of my body with her gentle massage at the Heartwood Center (and angels get their wings adjusted too).


Post-massage it is lovely to browse the Evanston Public Library and take a stack home. I’m finally watching Frozen.


I get my walking boots from Williams Shoes, the Walking Spirit on Davis Street.


Then I walk over to Dragonfly Boutique on 1501 Chicago Avenue for clothing, home decor and jewelry inspiration. Their felted and knit ornaments are adorable!


Further South on Chicago Avenue there is Stumble & Relish, located right next to the new See Jane Sparkle shop. It is full of quirky gifts and excellent cards to send to loved ones.


My draw angel is adorned with one of their tiny pencils.


See Jane Sparkle offers all kinds of brilliant jewelry and vintage fashion items.


As you walk further down Chicago Avenue your life will brighten with a light from Little Light Bazaar.


How gorgeous is this array of color? I need to decide on a living room chandelier.


On Main Street east of Chicago Avenue you will find the Lucky Platter which offers delicious food morning, noon and night.


Have some hot cocoa and check out the lovely chocolate creations of Belgian Chocolatier Piron across the street for dessert. I’ve never gone wrong with their chocolate.


Warm up at the oasis of Cultivate where you can learn all about keeping your plants alive and get inspiration for decorating your home with greenery.


Around the corner on Sherman, The Collage Cafe is full of creative gift items to inspire joyful days and holiday cheer.


My pendants and bangles are enjoying a sleepover there, so if you missed the bazaar, say hi to Lindy and browse all the goodies she has in stock.


When you’re ready for a drink you can dine at La Principal and enjoy their delicious Tacos and a beverage.


I work it off at Hip Circle Studio with Moxie Boxing, Bellydance and African Dance. Kettlebell is on the list for January.


Further down Chicago Avenue Sketchbook Brewery offers a variety of local brews.


And if you keep strolling you will bump into Sidetracked Studio which is having a fabulous year-end sale of art work right now.


If you’re more into traditional cocktails, Ward Eight on Howard street has got you covered.


S-Paragon on Main Street offers Asian dishes and is my post-manicure outdoor hangout for Summer.


There’s more to explore in Evanston, and you might even find Liz at the Biz, the 3-D rendition of Evanston’s Mayor Tisdahl.


I love this town.

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