Early Magnolias

 “Magnolias are aristocrats of ancient lineage possessed of many superlative qualities.”
~ plant collector E.H. ‘Chinese’ Wilson

When I was at the Morton Arboretum hunting for Trolls, I came upon a Magnolia Grove.

There was a beautiful sculpture indicating the beautiful blooms to be seen here in Spring.

I didn’t know that Magnolias were endangered. Some fossilized seeds were found, making this genus quite ancient.

Of course with winter being such an over-achiever the buds were just tentatively coming out, but my new knowledge made me more aware of the magnolias I pass by on my daily-ish walks.

I don’t have the photos on my current hard drive, but I was mesmerized by the giant magnolia blooms on my visit to Atlanta a decade ago. I could see where the term Steel Magnolia came from.

It is fun to see the trees in my neighborhood blossom.

Spring is coming, after all.

The Morton Arboretum exhibits 49 different kinds of hardy magnolia specimens, including early blooming Asian species and their hybrids.

What flower or bloom impresses you the most?

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