BUGS!!! Open House and a re-opened Etsy Shop

As I mentioned, a few pieces are going back up on Etsy, and so is Red Hot Love.

 I made this prior to the Arts of Life Square Foot Show in Glenview.

Speaking of the Arts of Life, the BUGS!!! Exhibit has another open house with live music on Friday, September 7 from 6 to 10 pm at 2010 W. Carroll Ave., Chicago, IL.

I was exploring embedding and creating texture with paper as well as marks when I worked on Red Hot Love. First I stenciled love onto paper.

Then I played with the layout a little bit.

encaustic collage

After a few layers of medium, I embedded the paper into encaustic medium. Using a page of the book of John which I picked up at a thrift store, I tore out a page and inserted this quote.

Adding another layer of medium, I played with mark-making by writing and scratching into the warm wax.

I also tried painting and writing with pigmented wax, which is harder than it seems. Watching the tissue paper react to the wax was fun.

What do you think of this departure from nature-based photos and collages?

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