back into the studio

I’m finally entering the studio again after a holiday hiatus. The other day I was brimming with ideas, and after getting my studio de-cluttered I can fire up the griddle again.

Princess Series

Playing with girly pendants

Here are the pieces that have found wonderful new homes, and I hope the wearers will be filled with joy and confidence each time they step out with their Maraviglia.

Maraviglia Sold

You look Mahvelous, darling!

A few wall collages also grace new walls.

Marvels Collages Sold

Maike’s Marvels collages adorning new walls

I shipped some new orders too.

shipping orders

New Year’s purchases

Which one will be yours?

for sale

Maraviglia still looking for a new home

I look forward to watching more creations flutter off to new destinations and adventures.

joie de vivre

A joyous studio day

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