Affair of The Arts is on Sunday

It’s a busy weekend. On Sunday I head to Spring Grove for the Affair of the Arts Spring Show. This show is held March 11 from 10 AM – 5 PM at The Shores Of Turtle Creek, 7908 Winn Road in Spring Grove. I am excited to return after last year’s fun.

40 artists will get up an hour earlier after resetting the Daylight Savings Time clocks, and set up pop-ups at the lovely lodge. There will be two floors of handicap accessible shopping, including ceramics, fiber arts, 2-D art, jewelry and other fashion and household items. The Affair of the Arts is a fine art & artisan fair with free admission, complimentary snacks and a cash bar. This event is produced and run by J + K Isacson, who have done a fabulous job curating great artists over the years. Check out the upcoming calls for art by the duo.

This Spring’s artist roster includes:

  • Lynn & Diane Abbott
  • Natasha Glumova
  • James Blechschmidt
  • Jan Johnson
  • Danuta Loane
  • Kelly McRay
  • Kathie Chicoine
  • Kathleen Freund
  • James P. Rowan
  • Upsydoozy
  • Paula Dammeyer
  • Eye Candy by Amy
  • Leanne Emery – Triskele Moon
  • Jewels Botanica
  • Despina Pafralides
  • Monica Sargeant
  • Kathleen Watson
  • Tonya Bestor
  • Joshua D. Gage
  • J + K Isacson
  • Karen Ann Hollingsworth
  • Michelle O’Connor
  • Thomas Van Housen
  • A Touch of Glass
  • Tammy Bozer
  • Rich Kroon
  • Cindy Lesperance
  • Maike’s Marvels
  • Silver Prairie
  • Will Slagel
  • Joan Tweedell

Join us for a fun afternoon of shopping, art inspiration, and making new friends! It’s a bonus if you add to your collection while you are with us. For me it will be a fun day trip that might be followed by a bit of exploring around Spring Grove.

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