Adorn your tabletop with Desktop Minis

What is a Desktop Mini, you ask?

It is a smaller version of my wall collages that have adorned the walls of The Arts of Life, The Evanston Art Center, The Uptown Arts Center, Dick Blick’s Evanston and Gallery 303 at Zhou B Art Center. I made a mini-canvas as a sample piece and the reaction was always ‘How much is this one? It would be fun to put on my desk.”

So if you go on over to my Etsy page you will see 3 x 3 inch, 4 x 4 inch, and 5 x 5 inch versions of small collages that you can place on your desk, in a bookshelf, on your nightstand. The cradled versions stand alone, and the flat artist boards can also be hung on the wall.

I’ll have a few of these on hand at PerficalSense Studio and Salon’s Artful Giving party December 1 and 2.

Assorted Desktop Minis by Maike’s Marvels

I’ve made a few pairs for those who like to make groupings, and am playing with the idea of a ‘tile’ series that can be collected and put on a wall. The process for my minis is the same as my larger wall art.

1. Scroll through the photos I have on file from my outings in parks and butterfly havens, and research the name and locale of the butterfly I pick out that day.

2. Figure out a color scheme based on my ‘model,’ and try to find a quote fitting the ‘personality’ of the butterfly.

In the case of What’s the Question? and I was wondering…, the quotes were printed on a teabag for a more translucent effect.

Sometimes the quotes inspire more pieces. I picked up Zen Soup from a thrift store a while back, and may have to repurchase it as an ‘un-cut’ version.

3. Determine if additional background words are appropriate, either a mythology relating to the butterfly’s name or information about their habitat etc.

4. Cut out the papers and photographs to fit the substrate.

5. If background words are used, adhere and burnish the paper to the substrate.


6. Layer papers and colored beeswax (encaustic paint) on as applicable.

7. Add the final touch, the photo:

Et voila! We have a set of Desktop Minis! You can purchase the minis on Etsy.

I obviously had green and orange on the palette this month. More color schemes will be forthcoming.

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