Zer0-degree 0uting

Last week we had zero degree weather—not counting the windchill factor. I tend to forget the ‘realfeel’ notification and regret that a lot this time of year. Best to be overdressed than underdressed. On Tuesday I heeded the notion and set out for my little downtown venture.

First I saw Backyard Monsters at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum on its closing day. We’d walked past the robotic creatures in the dark before Pinning Class, when I thought I’d have lots of time to go see this. Time sure flies when you’re living the good life.

backyard monsters at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

I learned more about insects (such as wasps being able to make paper) observed some critters, drooled over the morpho display case, pushed buttons of  the fun mechanical demonstrations, and posed by the giant monarch.


There are so many more butterflies and moths to discover!

 thousands or butterfly species

Then I perused “A Meticulous Beauty” which is up through May 2013.

Meticulous Beauty by Jennifer Angus

Who knew a wall covered with pastel-colored insects could be so beautiful?

Meticulous Beauty Wall

Having some time to spare, I also spun through the Judy Istock butterfly haven, to warm up in rainforest temperatures.

orange wings

One the three Atlas Moths that had recently hatched was still there, and it perched waaaayyy up high.

Atlas moth

There are still more to come, though. 🙂

Atlas Moth hatchery

This lace-edged longwing was new to me.

lace longwing

The smiley-faced Zebra longwings always make me happy.


The Cairn’s Birdwing had a butterfly spot on its wing.

Cairns Birdwing butterfly at Istock Haven

When the museum closed it was time to head on over to the next adventure, a Skate & Sip outing with the Women’s Innovation Network. We warmed up on hot cocoa before heading out to the rink, which turned out to be closed after our sipping and chatting. So we’ll just have to do the skating another time.

Cloud Gate looked pretty, and it was a lovely ending to a joyful day.

Chicago's Bean

ADDENDUM: As of March 10, 2013, I no longer support the WIN Board and its actions. However, I do support small business, women-owned businesses, and the gracious hosts of past WIN events.

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