Yin Yang

I’ve never read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, but I could very much relate to the title this past week.


I try to Pollyanna as much as I can, but there was one day where the morning started off with an invasion of flies (in spite of recent pest control treatments), people didn’t pull through on a time commitment, a project was held up, and a fair I was looking forward to put me on the waitlist AND is undergoing organizational changes that don’t bode well.


In Natsuo Kirino’s Goddess Chronicles the island inhabitants firmly believe that for every Yin there is a Yang, and it was interesting that the Yang seemed to be absent for a full day for me. That evening I went to network in hopes of cheering me up, and I got seated next to a Debbi Downer who had a “yes-but” to every positive statement I tried to cheer up the conversation with. I should have spent my time at another event that would have been more fun for sure.


So I made some DIY flytraps when I got home, and hoped for improvement. Sure enough, the next day I got word of the book release that I contributed to and had almost forgotten about.

Incite 4 cover

Then a contact at the networking mixer called me to upgrade my booth space for a future fair, so a comment I had made in passing did not go unnoticed, and attending wasn’t a waste in spite of the energetic drain.


I had fun in the studio and delivered some new pieces to my friends–one of whom invited me along to a pedicure.


I did make the tough decision to pull out of Moon Art Gallery since my shelf fee didn’t recoup itself. Afterwards I was stopped in traffic for a funeral procession to pass. That gave me pause. The Collage Cafe and See Jane Sparkle and ChromaK8 continue to carry my creations.


The weekend had me recuperating with a nature walk and dinner with friends, and now I am ready to take on another week.


What do you do to pull yourself out of the grumps?

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