The creations of nature, especially butterflies, are a source of comfort to me. They emerge through incredible transformations; weather the seasons without shrinking from life; and are sources of joy and wonder. There is a magic in the colors and shapes,  and a transference of freedom and beauty.

We look at nature and attribute our own stories and myths to it, particularly the allure of a butterfly’s life cycle. Photographing these beautiful creatures helps me capture that marvel and transform it into my work.

Encaustics are very freeing–the organic process of reheating wax and watching it flow liberates me from the perfectionist within. Using this natural resource to embed themes of nature and life into my collages is enabling my own evolution as a person.


My Art Journey in Workshops:

Spring 2007: An exploration of UTEE with Suze Weinberg that reignited art making in adulthood

January 2010: Beginning Encaustic Workshop with Cindy Hogan

September 2011: Wrangled Bangles with Brenda Schweder 

March 2012: Meeting artists Crystal and Bridgette, whom I had admired from afar 

March 2012: Encaustic and Mixed Media/Photography Workshop with Bridgette Guerzon Mills

April 2012: Wax and Wire workshop with Crystal Neubauer 

May 2012: Shawna Moore encaustic technique workshop 

September 2012: Maine Coast Encaustic Retreat with Kim Bernard 

Spring 2016: getting Now That’s a Jig! out of the box

May 2016: Soldering steel wire with Crystal Neubauer

Summer 2016: Jigging with Brenda 

Other art ventures that spark creativity:


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