Will the ribbon be blue or pink?

 “Amber and I have a vision for Aurora Rose.
We see it as an important part of the community.
Someplace where you can get that perfect gift no matter the occasion,
or the most adorable purse for yourself,
a special keepsake, or learn something new.”

~Kim Peters 

On Tuesday Aurora Rose Boutique will celebrate its second anniversary with a ribbon cutting in its new location at 111 Stephen Street in Lemont, IL 60439.

Formerly located in Willow Spring, Aurora Rose moved to Lemont, IL a few months ago. The store expanded in size and seeks to take advantage of the car shows that ride through town during the summer months.

Aurora Rose houses more than 40 artisans and craftspeople, priding itself on selecting handmade items not found in nearby stores or boutiques. My Maraviglia pendants have a special shelf, and I’ll be bringing fresh inventory in for the occasion.

Aurora Rose Ribbon cutting

The boutique also offers workshops ranging from fairy visits for children, couponing classes, and handmade crafts including jewelry making, birdhouse making, ceramics painting, knitting, crocheting, etc.

The Ribbon cutting takes place at 5 pm on Tuesday, April 16, with festivities starting around 4 pm. You can follow Aurora Rose on Facebook  and on Twitter @LoveAuroraRose.

Aurora Rose is named after the Disney princess, so I’m curious to see if the fairies will squabble over the color of the ribbon as they did in the movie. I have an inkling as to the color the owners prefer.

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