White Christmas

A solo Christmas can be a bit murky at times, ranking up there with Valentine’s Day as movie after movie re-enacts the notion that within a span of 24 hours families reunite, love shows up at the front door, and financial and health problems miraculously get resolved.

snowy lake

In real life, there was jarring news that showed World Peace doesn’t magically happen on Christmas Eve. It was a period of reflection and re-setting, and getting to the heart of Christmas.

I was cheered by this video that shows we don’t have to wait for grand Hollywood gestures to occur, but that split-second random acts of kindness can have a chain effect too, connecting us all.

The next morning I woke up to a White Christmas, which felt like another signal that it isn’t all so bad out there.

Christmas morning view

The blanket of snow was light enough to make travel possible, yet with enough coverage to create a crunch under one’s feet and be wrapped in the joy of a a storybook White Christmas.

snow berries

The snowflakes looked like they came from a theater set.

REAL snow flakes

I smiled as I listened to the laughter of children sledding and throwing snowballs. Parents cheered as a toddler’s first mini-snowman was built.

toddler's first snowman

The Peanuts gang popped in my head at the sight of this tree.

Charlie Brown tree

Plus another tiny snowman rivaling Pig-Pen.

Pig-Pen the snowman

The scent of fireplaces burning made me happy.


Cultural integration, the true spirit of Christmas.

Culture meshing

Reflective took on a humorous meaning as I snapped photos of giant ornaments.


When I returned from my walk, my footprint heart was still intact.

not walking over love

It was an affirmation that my neighbors aren’t blind to love when it crosses their path, and these little blessings are what lift my heart and make me believe in the goodness of the world. Gotta keep on giving that love!

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