Where the River Shannon Flows pendants

I got some studio time in recently and decided to add more musical pendants to my inventory (they keep selling out).


I’ve just about used up the Irish Rose music sheet I received from a friend.  The song is really called: Where the River Shannon Flows.


There’s a pretty spot in Ireland
I always claim for my land
Where the fairies and the blarney will never, never die

It’s the land of the shillalah
My heart goes back there daily
To the girl I left behind me when we kissed and said goodbye

I cut some steel wire and hammered it out.


CHORUS: Where dear old Shannon’s flowing
Where the three-leaved shamrock’s grows
Where my heart is I am going to my little Irish rose

And the moment that I meet her
With a hug and kiss I’ll greet her
For there’s not a colleen sweeter where the River Shannon flows.


Then I sized and bent the steel around words I wanted to highlight. This (sold) heart moved around a bit.


I cut the paper with an allowance.

cutting and sizing

Waxing the paper came next.


Then I adhered the waxed paper to the bent wire.


Trimming the pendant came next, along with an extra round of encaustic medium to keep it all together.


It’s nice to realize the three pendants I made from this sheet before have all sold. The round hug is up on Etsy now.


You’ll see the final four appear on Etsy in September and at local pop-up shows.


Sure no letter I’ll be mailing
For soon will I be sailing
And I’ll bless the ship that takes me to my dear old Erin’s shore

There I’ll settle down forever
I’ll leave the old sod never
And I’ll whisper to my sweetheart “Come and take my name Asthore.”


I Googled the snippets of lyrics and found the full song on YouTube:

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