It’s been a social few weekends for me. Spring is trying to emerge, and so are friends.

After the Stumble & Relish soiree I enjoyed Sketchbook with my friend, again enjoying the Brewery Witch we sampled on International Women’s Day.

I had a lovely evening at Creative Coworking on March 23. Paul Minnihan had his beautiful portraits on display.

Raissa Bailey showcased her mesmerizing goddess paintings.

Amber Matthews had installed a whimsical seascape pop-up.

Creative Coworking has 4 floors filled with beautiful artists works throughout the office spaces, and art (all for sale) rotates as time goes by. Fran Joy always thrills me.

Meanwhile, my Encaustic Butterfly Collages had flown to a hallway corner, where I enjoyed them among other art.

Before the Handmade Market, I treated myself to Brothers K and also took a slice of Chocolate Zucchini Bread to go.

That evening, it was Lucky Platter time, a ritual for my post-art fair hunger.

A friend met me at Bagel Art recently, where I failed to document their delicious Lox Bagel.

Ayla’s Originals always has intriguing trunk shows, and I loved perusing the Rieth Collection.

Butterfly beads were irresistible, and of happened to match the beads I had picked out already.

On an especially chilly day with an empty fridge, I fled to S-Paragon for some Pad See Ew (not pictured).

The colder temps also prompted a need for Hoosier Mama pie.

All this indulging is coming to an end though, as I am about to begin a mini-cleanse so I can reset my taste buds to the DASH Diet again.

At least the weather is warming up enough to where I can take more daily walks again.

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