Trick or Treat, or both?

I must say I don’t wait for Halloween to treat myself. I’ll accept or acquire a piece of chocolate year-round!

It seems this week I’m navigating some trickiness though, with all the books I’m reading from the library. Preparing for the business end of a crafty venture with all its caveats can be creepy.

Knowing that there is no one foolproof way to launch a business, that the rejection of my work is inevitable (now much more personal because it is tied to my own creativity and inspiration), and that no amount of preparation will prevent curveballs along the way causes significant self-evaluation.

By the same token, I have a wonderful support network, a clear drive and need to do this now, and all the resources of the universe at hand to make it happen. Which makes me very eager to try, and to fly!

So I’ll put on my brave girl mask, venture out, and see what doors will open along the way.

Happy trick or treating!

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