The journey begins!

After counting the weeks and days the time to leave has suddenly arrived. Isn’t it strange how our perception of time changes depending on how much fun we’re having or how much we’re looking forward to an event?

Then in the blink of an eye (seemingly) the event has transpired. But as the adage goes, the preparation for the journey is as much fun as reaching the destination itself. I’m so inspired by all my reading that I’m looking forward to how my ideas will evolve as I walk the soil of Greece’s vast cultural heritage. Even more curious will be the disconnecting from multimedia.

Originally I had visions of blogging on-the-go with the iPad 2, but instead I will untangle myself from the Web and take in Greece the old-fashioned way. As tempting as the iPad sounds, I didn’t want to be overly concerned with a brand-new gadget as I navigate various islands. Having just watched Electric Dreams the electronics fast will be an interesting experiment.

I look forward to sharing my travel impressions with you when I return. May your summer be off to a great start!


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