The fortune’s in the followup

“Come to the luncheon
to see women who are moving forward in their dreams,”
~ Fernanda Hopkins

Tomorrow, the Women’s Innovation Network will celebrate its first anniversary with a luncheon at the original site of the first meeting in 2011. The luncheon will feature fabulous food, an engaging program including a recap video of the year, award-winners, and a few vendors.

I look forward to celebrating this milestone and being inducted into the WIN Hall of Fame. You can purchase tickets online here ($15), and also get them at the door.

“It’s heartwarming that this community
has started (beyond WIN events).”
~ Erica Thomas

We had fun planning for the luncheon and upcoming events during our committee meeting on Friday, which was held at Fabcakes.

Committee meetings follow the monthly Innovation Circle, which was held at Lissa boutique this month, in a neighborhood where an episode of Boss was filmed that morning.

Lissa boutique focuses on modern, sophisticated architectural fashion. Owner Lissa likes to balance the masculine and the feminine in the garments she selects. Her clothes and accessories come from New York, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, South Korea, Macedonia and Thailand.

Although a high-fashion store, Lissa and her manager Linda pride themselves on being accessible to anyone.

“You can run your business and be
a kind accepting person to anyone.” 

~ Lissa, owner of Lissa Boutique

We admired the structure and color of some garments, and a few of us enjoyed trying pieces on after Valerie Beck presented her tips.

This month’s Innovation topic was Top 5 ways to Follow Up:

  1. It shows you care: If you take the time to go to an event, you should take the time to follow up.
  2. Follow up before you forget to follow up, within two to three days
  3. Connecting is for giving, not for getting: find a way to provide something helpful to the person you connected with
  4. Share a helpful invitation to events that may be helpful to them and that help build your relationship
  5. Keep in touch, sometimes it takes 5-7 touchpoints to connect

Valerie Beck also presented the soft launch of WINning books, a publishing imprint WIN authors will have access to later this month. WINning books will offer a menu of publishing options to help those aspiring to write a book to get it out to the public. More information will be revealed later on.

ADDENDUM: As of March 10, 2013, I no longer support the WIN Board and its actions. However, I do support small business, women-owned businesses, and the gracious hosts of past WIN events.

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