The Fine Arts Building

What I love about Chicago is that you can discover new things even a decade after living here. After my WIN-ning morning I decided to view an exhibit I had heard about. I strolled down Michigan Avenue but eventually realized it is a long walk from North to South, so I took the Red Line to the Jackson stop to visit the Fine Arts Building.

Second Floor Gallery at Chicago's Fine Arts Building

What a Gem of history this is. Chicago has so many beautiful historic buildings. Some are in better states of repair than others. I really enjoyed the journey back in time. This Chicago Landmark was designed by Solon S. Beman in 1885 and originally housed Studebaker carriages. It was converted into studios and theaters to become the Fine Arts Building in 1898. The mosaics, marble stairs, ornate sconces, wooden doors and stained glass windows all date from that renovation.

Chicago's Fine Arts Building

The original elevator was a bit scary though, which is why it is handled by a real operator and only one of the four banks is working.

Elevators at Chicago's Fine Arts Building

After I took an accidental tour back down the stairs I located the second floor with the exhibit in question. How beautiful and inspirational are these pieces?

Art by Karen Tichy

 Karen Tichy, Not My Usual Style, mixed media in encaustic medium

paintings by Laura Cerf-Dahl and Deepa Ajmire

Laura Cerf-Dahl, Windows to Infinity  and
Deepa Ajmire, Cherry Blossom and Crab Apple Blossom, each oil on canvas

Art by Michele Thrane and  Alenna Marie Sandy

Michele Thrane, Cool Glyphs and Hot Glyphs, encaustic and ink on paper,
with In Blue by Alenna Marie Sandy’s mixed media collage in the center

Of course I couldn’t resist the book store that offers vintage books for $2 up to some true collectors’ items.

Selected Works bookstore in Chicago

This exhibit runs through December 5. May you find a gem of sorts in your neighborhood this week.

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