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Dragonflies in the shop

Last week was Dragonfly week and I uploaded a few of my favorite odonata. There will be more to come, and I have a few in my head. With spring coming I want to make more plant stakes. I also did neck shots and earring shoots as the sunlight permitted. I don’t have a photo […]


I am busy loading products to the shop and working on tweaking some of the emails that follow the order. Plugins and embedded php shortcodes are a whole different interface than the HTML I learned in 2000. Still, the store should be functional enough for you to get your Valentine on (in spite of one […]

Etsy Refresh

Valentine’s Day is coming up so it is time to review my jewelry inventory. With 238 pieces of jewelry in stock that is more time consuming than anticipated. I’m pleased to see that only one pendant has gone missing after packing and repacking items for multiple locations at least 10 times this past year. Deleting […]

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