Summer Daze

I have a few blog posts in my head, but sitting down to write them is a challenge these days. I am drawn outside on the warmer days and thrilled to spot the butterflies fluttering about.


I’ve explored a variety of events and enjoyed taking in all the inspiration and creativity. Business projects keep me engaged and occupied, making days fly by.


Nutrition is top of mind as I explore more vitamin-rich meals.


Summer novels keep my brain from churning too much in the evenings.


I love how warmer weather draws out color and scent and music.


I don’t know how June flew by so quickly, but I am grateful for all the activity, the comradery, and the challenges June brought with it.


It is good to be alive and well and see the magic of fireflies.


Sunshine and warmth call for little pleasures.


Monarchs are threatened, but I see them fluttering about, which gives me hope.


I wish you the most fabulous of summers, filled with much joy and contentment. Happy Independence Day!


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