Spaces We Inhabit at Hairpin Art Gallery

On Friday fellow FUSEDChicago members Alicia Forestall-Boehm and Emily Rutledge hosted an opening with Mary Zeran.


“Spaces We Inhabit: Sculptures and Paintings” will show at the Hairpin Arts Center in Chicago’s Logan Square from May 9 until June 8, 2014.


I knew of the Hairpin building but had never visited. So it was a fun exploration of a new hometown neighborhood.


The art deco style of the building is lovely and I felt grand ascending the marble staircase.


The exhibition explores the influence that the “spaces we inhabit” have on physical and emotional spaces.


Knowing how different Alicia and Emily’s styles are, I was curious to see how the group show would work.


Alicia does wonderful sculptural works with lots of texture, and she was quite the ‘cubist’ for this exhibit.


Her Infinity Cubes matched the necklace she was wearing.


Everyone was intrigued by this installation.


Emily works with spray paint, encaustics and image transfers.


So much texture, movement and layering.


A friend and I liked this title.


They were joined by Mary Zeran, who creates intriguing collages with duralar and acrylic paint.


I enjoyed the Delaunay-esque “The Beauty of It All #1”.


Bright translucent layers.


We had an impromptu FUSEDChicago Happy Hour as several members came to see the show.


It was fun to see the different forms of expression form a cohesive narrative. I’m inspired by the vibrancy and texture of all the pieces.


Here’s to more shows and more inspiration.

People photos courtesy Doug Boehm

2 thoughts on “Spaces We Inhabit at Hairpin Art Gallery

  1. Kathy Smith says:

    I love the diversity that is displayed in this show. I really wish I could be there. Way to go Em 🙂

  2. Jane Michalski says:

    Maike, what a wonderful collection of photos! So glad that you could make it to the reception and thank you for featuring this show on your page.
    People who are interested in the Hairpin should check out our website

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