The more I get to know authentic people, the more “anti-resolutions” the input becomes around new years. I agree with not setting unrealistic goals for yourself, especially those driven by ridiculous image standards, but I also like the concept of using the new year as a re-set.


Halfway through reading Essentialism my life became quite un-essentialist, and it is time to re-prioritize.


I caught up on my holiday correspondence over New Year’s weekend.


Leisure books and books about jewelry provided relaxation and inspiration as I hibernated for a mini-staycation.


I did a cleanse last Spring but old habits soon crept in and as the year got busier I fell into the late night snacking trap. In November Svetlana of MyHealthBeet came out with the 2-week Shred program, but it took me until this week to read the program and also make sure the tempting foods were out of the house.


Rather than diet, I just want to be more mindful of what I eat and to stop the eating-while-multi-tasking pattern. If my clothes are still snug 3 months from now, I will review the 2-5 year old wardrobe instead. My body isn’t 20 anymore, and I am healthy and active, thanks to ample workout opportunities at Hip Circle Studio.


Next week I hope to get some assistance organizing my studio closets so I have better storage than the regular explosion on my futon. In anticipation I am looking at other areas to streamline, but I am trying not to do so much pre-work that the professional I called in cannot get a picture of what I need.


My lightbulbs all decided on a fresh start this month too, so I got some replacements and was baffled by the Reveal vs. Incandescent vs. Daylight options (and googling it gets waayyy to technical). I’ll try daylight in the studio and see what that does.


There is still a lot of year-end closing out to do for the business, and one angel got a make-over after being passed over 2 years in a row.


This year’s newbies are getting their photoshoot this month so I have them ready to upload by November.


Whether I will stick to Etsy or use an alternate store (or both) is subject to the legal review and some research still sitting on my desk.


Lots to check off, right? Good thing I have a WHOLE new year!

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