While last January was a slow beginning full of introspection, this month has started with quite a bit of momentum, and blogging takes away from other activities.


With the impetus of a studio re-organization I am also decluttering my house as a whole, and taking it one room at a time with a deadline of late February. Trying to get it all done this month is too overwhelming.


I am mapping out art shows and looking for indoor pop-up venues for the months that aren’t covered yet (suggestions in Chicagoland are welcome). I listened to the Right Brain Business Plan Webinars and am starting that eCourse this week.


There are blog posts in progress with a cleanse I am completing, works in progress for a new show, and upcoming events a few weeks out. While the content is in my head, networking and social activities are more important to attend than typing away behind a computer.


So the blog may be a bit sporadic until my new routine is settled in. I’ll still try to post on Facebook and Instagram daily, so you’re not entirely disconnected. Thank you for reading and following me.

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