Preparing for a Holiday Extravaganza

Since I received my very own anvil on my birthday I’ve been playing with wire. It’s been a lot of fun to practice the techniques taught by Crystal Neubauer in April.


I’ve played wordgames with my tools: “It’s hammertime!,” “stop being so wirey,” “let’s bend over backwards.” (Yeah, I can be a nerd sometimes). I always feel a bit self-conscious during the hammering, but I limit it to afternoon hours and haven’t had a neighbor knock on my door about the ruckus yet (here’s hoping they all have office jobs).


In between making sessions I am learning how to shoot jewelry. Luckily Michael’s had jewelry stands on sale, and it’s been fun to experiment with those.

Equally fun but more time consuming are model shots. I learned that the light changes rapidly between necklace changes, and that half of my shots had a shadow of my tripod on my shoulders.


I do think it helps online shoppers to see the pendants on a human, but I might stop at some samples rather than having me model the whole shebang. Creating is far more fun!


I’ll be modeling a pendant at Cindy’s PerficalSense Studio and Art Salon Fête this Saturday, so swing on by between 5 and 9 if you’re in the Hinman Avenue near Dempster area.

I’m looking forward to the big reveal. Are you?

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