Practicing the art of Selfies

Recently an article made the rounds that taking selfies is an indicator of narcissism, which made ponder my Pendants of the Day shoots.  Incidentally, as I typed ‘selfies’ my spell checker changed it to ‘selfless’, irony upon irony.


Infinite Rainbow Collar

I will cop to having a slight Facebook addiction, but that is also the primary means of communication with my overseas family. However, my intent with taking pictures of my Maraviglia is to show how they wear on a person in regular outings, not to plaster my face all over your screen.


Pink and Gold Butterfly wax and wire pendant with Swirly Pearls Earrings

It does take practice to get the right angle from arm’s length, and I am learning much about lighting, background, facial expressions and chin-posture as I shoot and reshoot my neck and shoulders. The intent is to focus on the jewelry though, and hopefully eventually I can have friends model them so different complexions and body types are represented.

Meconopsis with Double Spiral Earrings

So these are the pieces I wore out and about in the past month. My brother snapped me getting instructions from my other brother during an outing at which I wore a polkadot heart pendant with smashed abstract earrings.


The set that went to the Fixation Opening:

Coiled wire earrings, Whirls of Red, Red Swirl Collar and
the Chakra Bangle I have not listed yet.


I fully understand the compulsion in this media age to check likes and views and do occasionally question my ability to conjure up a fan base when compared to the artists I aspire to emulate. I was a wallflower in my youth, so seeing a numerical value to how many friends your peers have via social media must cause some pressure when you are still defining who you are.


The Spiral Collar visited Symphony’s with NEW
and also complimented my green floral dress.

Here’s to balance in all aspects of life, and using social media in moderation, without sacrificing other forms of socializing and quiet contemplation.


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