Pop-up Fun at Geneva’s Swedish Days

Summer is in full swing and life has been picking up with outdoor activities for leisure and for selling. My last Saturday in June was spent in Geneva for a Swedish Days pop-up.


It was the first nice day after almost a week of Thunderstorms, so foot traffic was heavy even as I started setting up at 9 am. Peaceful Parlour generously hosted a sidewalk spot for me, and I got to test out my new jewelry bag for the first time.


Third street was blocked so games could be played and bands could be viewed. Wafts of various food booths gave the day the obligatory outdoor fair scent. One vendor brought by popcorn and a lovely helper made an ice cream run for me.


I was neighbor to Totes with a Twist, the creators of purses, bags and carrying cases made from recycled sails, which caught many a fair-goers’ attention.


Angel card reader Betsy had a captive audience, including a white butterfly fluttering around most of the day.


Business was brisk in Peaceful Parlour itself, and a few of the statues walked away while I was there.


It was fun watching the toys move around as various children stopped to play.


Shari did a spirit card reading during the afternoon.

Shari Reading

I sold a few pendants (one of which I never photographed, whoops) and my birthstone bangle might garner some custom orders over time.


Geneva knows how to throw a party. I passed a carnival on my way to Peaceful Parlour, and when I took a peek on the way back to my car it was in full swing.


Since I had to be in Michigan the next day, I opted out of lingering for a ride and fair food, but I think I’ll make Swedish Days a weekend outing next year. I am intrigued by the Viking Ship and the Swedish Vaest.


My planned July and August pop-ups ran into a hiccup, so browse Etsy until my next in-person event.


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