New at Aurora Rose

I dropped off new pieces at Aurora Rose this week.


The store has lots of fabulous fall activities planned and I look forward to the announcements.


My earrings are popular right now, so Kim and Amber wanted in on the action.


I have plans for more pendants like this, with paint brushes and pencil nibs and other ‘utensils’.


My cousin and I beaded earrings as Tweens (before that was a real term), so adding beads to pieces always reminds me of those girlfriendly times.


Pearls have a je ne sais quoi.


Danglers don’t come out in photos, but have such a nice energy to them when worn.


Not all moms have daughters, nor do all moms like pink, so I made a denim and jade version.


Many of my wire pendants are reversible, and this is a rare waxed one that can be worn both ways.


A teaser for the Winter Collection.


I’ll be making more feathered flutteries as this white one found a wonderful new owner.


Pop into the store and peruse all of their lovely gift wares.


If you can’t make it out to Lemont poke around on my Etsy store and see if anything there strikes your fancy. Anything you see can also be customized by special order, and all pendants come with a black satin cord.


Meanwhile, these are up for dibs on Facebook before they go on Etsy.


Any takers?

coppertriangle for dibs

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