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I usually have my blogs mapped out in advance but this week I find myself at a loss for content. Of course I have plenty of ideas in my head, but the past week was spent networking a lot and I ran out of steam.


Peopling takes a lot of energy out of me, and with all the back to back events I wore myself out a bit. Nonetheless, it was fun to be out and about and meet some fabulous people. So today I am going through my notes of suggestions to me, and reviewing the business cards that might lead to more opportunities.

I like the structured events like North Side Networking Group where you essentially speed-network by rotating around various tables and giving your elevator pitch multiple times. I chuckled at the Bloody Mary bar at Fireside, which hosted the event.

I am also applying to various show opportunities, and thrilled to have a few events lined up for May and June. We had a lovely closing of Bijou at Brickton.

The beauty of living on the north side of Chicago is that there are ample art opportunities available, from pop-ups here in Evanston to art fairs in Chicago proper and in the vast array of suburbs. Between events I stopped by Uncommon Ground to peruse Chai Wolfman’s lovely solo show.

Last week the Mayor of Niles and his Arts & Culture team unveiled a plan that involves numerous public art opportunities, and will include some artist live/work spaces in the Touhy Corridor development.

It inspired me to finally swing by the leaning tower I have passed on numerous occasions.

The next day, on my way back from my accountant (taxes gotta be paid), I took a daytime selfie for fun.

My web site is about to be e-commerce enabled again, which is also involving a few back-end tweaks and re-tweaks. I had to get help for this part of my business, since solopreneurship only goes so far.

I will need to add more products, which will involve more photoshoots and more creations that don’t run off to consignment retailers.

It is fun to dream up what I would outsource when the big bucks start coming in, but for now that is all far into the future. So stop by the local shops that carry my wares and help support my artistic endeavors.

And if you’re starting up a venture, definitely look into the local networking groups and get the word out. There are a plethora of resources and opportunities out there, the key is to pick through them and take the effort to apply!

Meanwhile, I will take a bit of a breather this holiday week, after Wednesday’s evening gathering!

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