Nasty Women Raising Funds

Oh my goodness, the Nasty Women Exhibit was an amazing experience. Shortly after the Evanston Made Studio Walks ended, people started lining up at 1100 Florence to ensure they got first dibs on the art work.

112 women from Evanston and near the North Shore donated artwork to be sold at $100 a piece. All proceeds went to Planned Parenthood of Illinois.

We were able to peruse the walls during the Evanston Made Artwalk, but sales were not made until 6 pm sharp.

The art work submitted was vibrant, humorous, and rebellious.

I enjoyed seeing everyone’s overt, cheeky or subtle take on the Nasty Women theme.

While Donald Trump used the phrase “nasty woman” to belittle and disrespect Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate, millions around the world have used it as a powerful rallying cry against the current administration.

At 5:40 pm the line to the gallery was one block long.

Between 6 and 6:30, numerous red dots were distributed within minutes of the doors opening.

Those dots marked that a piece had been claimed.

Once the piece was officially purchased, it was taken off the wall and went home with the happy recipient.

The space was packed, but the system worked well.

The traffic flow continued until 7:15, after which the sales slowed down a little bit.

The art show raised more than $10,000 for Planned Parenthood.

I didn’t get to see my piece earn a red dot before I had to leave for another engagement, but what didn’t sell Saturday can be viewed by appointment at 1100 Florence for the next 30 days.

Some custom commemorative posters by Diana Sudyka are also available. A gallery of all the art work and the event will be available online at NastyWomenEvanston.

Nasty Women Evanston is inspired by the Nasty Women Exhibition in NYC and the growing number of sister shows all over the world supporting women’s causes.

Check out 1100 Florence for upcoming events and exhibits. They will definitely showcase more thought-provoking and fun art in the future.

Here’s a thank you from organizers Lisa Degliatoni and Kathy Halper:

“We’ve been screaming “THANK YOU!” since Saturday night. Can you hear us? You made this happen beyond our wildest hopes! We will be back in a few days with hard numbers but we know we exceeded our ‘dream goal’ of $10,000! And while we expected to sell a lot of art we did not expect to sell SO much!

We have a hand full of pieces left. There are still a few very nice works that somehow got overlooked in the frenzy. If you’d like to see them, Lisa will be showing them at 1100 Florence. 

THANK YOU to the Evanston community and all who attended for embracing the spirit of the night, as well as the beautiful weather, and being so patient and good natured and generous and loving. Nothing made us happier than seeing the party atmosphere outside while the crowds shopped inside!

You are all wonderful! Maybe we can accomplish anything.”

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