My Fair Dress

On Thursday I went to Glen Ellyn for the NEW Wine Women and Wellness happy hour at the Swap Shop Resale Boutique. I set out to find a light and whimsical summer dress, and found just what I needed at a fabulous price.

Swap Shop Glen Ellyn

I noticed the “Love from Amsterdam” rack, but honed in on the rack that had my size first. There I was actually redirected to the Amsterdam rack, which holds clothes brought in by a flight attendant. Incidentally a KLM flight took off from O’Hare as I was stuck in traffic on my way to Glen Ellyn, so the universe had already sent me a sign!

Amsterdam sign

The dress I pulled was immediately affirmed by my NEW connections as “that is you”.

Dress review with NEW - photo by

We admired the whimsy of it.

finding the dress with NEW - photo by

I pulled another contender because trying on clothes is fun and (in theory) doesn’t cost anything.

Trying on dresses with NEW - photo by

My first pick fit like a glove.

A dress for the Custer Fair - photo by

And made me twirl.

Twirling in my new dress - photo by

Twirling in my new dress - photo by

The applique is so adorable.

Dress detail

I did try the second one on but it didn’t have the same feel. However, at the price of $35, a second dress would not have broken the bank.

Happy wallet - photo by

That afternoon a special envelope had arrived. I had looked for Money Aprons on Etsy and then found a tutorial by someone who created her own. Not being a good seamstress myself, I recruited my friend, who asked me what pockets I wanted, and then created a beautiful piece.

Fitting my new apron - photo by

The polka dots make me so happy, and the compartments are just right. That Jones New York dress is from Crowded Closet in Evanston, BTW.

 Money Apron by my BFF

It’s fun to practice wearing it and work the zippers. Zipper pulls might be another Maraviglia collection in the future…


While the outfit is ready, I still have some production work to do to get to the fair. It’s fun to work on becoming a personality while building one’s brand.

Custer Street Fair preparation

Custer’s Last Stand is from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.  June 15th and 16th in Evanston, Illinois, between Sherman and Chicago Avenues and by Main Street.

Photo series provided by and

Erica DaShan on a road trip

Thank you Erica and DaShan for documenting my happiness!

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