Meandering Maraviglia

As I prep for the Ravenswood Art Walk, here are some Maraviglia that wandered about town recently.

blueboundheartReversible Blue Bound Heart

My weather app has been inaccurate with its temperature gauge, so I had to do a midday wardrobe change from one knit dress to another one warmer-than-anticipated day.


Red Swirl Collar Necklace and
Fingerprints Coiled Wire Earrings

I didn’t change the jewelry though. The coiled earrings inspired a custom order for a larger version which was purchased at a recent NEW event.


My wax and wire jewelry goes with a variety of outfits.

Seashells in the Waves overlooked Elgin at Blue Violet Bodyworks’ Lighthouse.

Seashells in the Waves

My collar necklaces are becoming more sculptural, and this one was placed at Stella Boutique for perusal among its lovely gift wares.


Meanwhile, this number will be on view at the Ravenswood Art Walk. Come see me in the big tent!

zigzagstunnerDebuting at the Ravenswood Art Walk

Note that my Etsy store will be closed on October 5 and 6 while I showcase and sell at the Ravenswood Art Walk.

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