Maraviglia of the Month

I teased my Facebook Fans with pieces last week that haven’t made their way onto Etsy, but are being uploaded now.


I wore the pencil pendant out to NEW’s Women’s History Month event, along with Swirly earrings.


Green-ish pieces were featured on two occasions. I wore the turquoise-wrapped spiral earrings and the Knitter’s Delight scarf pendant to a St. Patrick’s Day Party (coat from Hello Holiday).


The Green Scribble Ball set enjoyed a pint during NEW’s Beer Women and Wellness (Bridgette Guerzon Mills’ Encaustic Art is in the background).


Maike’s Marvels’ Circulation collar helped inspire creativity on a studio day.


Coiled Earrings and the Flutterby wax and wire pendant perused the Encaustic Nature in Art show opening.


My Flower Cloud Pendant and Dancing earrings got complimented during Ayla’s Originals’ Annual Bead Show (headband created with a Princess Lasertron kit).


Mixing and matching pieces is fun, and I’d love to see some of these fly off to complement your wardrobe.


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