I love encaustics

The big day of love is tomorrow, so I will share my love of encaustics with you today. Last Monday I perused the Rhythm in Wax exhibit and was blown away by the beauty of it.

Rhythm in Wax

The show includes my fellow FUSEDChicago members, and it is on the first floor of The Dellora A. Norris Cultural Arts Center  at 1040 Dunham Road in St. Charles, IL 60174. Viewing hours are from 11 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday, until February 23.

Rhythm in Wax

I’ve perused FUSEDChicago shows over the past two years, and seeing the growth of each individual artist is such a joy. It is also nice to know the members in person, and to recognize their signature style as I familiarize myself with their work.

Rhythm in Wax

Since this show was done in conjunction with a concert by the Fox Valley Orchestra, rhythm and music were key criteria for acceptance. The theme was interpreted in powerful ways.

Rhythm in Wax

Doesn’t this encaustic painting look like real water?

Horseshoe Lake

 Horseshoe Lake by Julie Lutjen Lawrence

Jenny Learner always embeds interesting objects in her work, like beads.

Jenny Details


Art work by Jenny Learner

There was a lot of texture in many paintings created by mark-making:

American Music

American Music by Sarah Rehmer 

Rehmer Detail

The use of tape:

Ris Details


Wound by Julia Ris


Works by Emily Rutledge and Julia Ris

And dripping wax:

Lagger Detail

Pat Lagger

Encaustic paintings by Pat Lagger

Collage materials add texture as well:

Brad Hook encaustic collages

Encaustic collages by Brad Hook

I love the translucence of layers and tissue paper:

Tichy Detail Karen Tichy

Tonal Texture and Beats in a Measure by Karen Tichy

April Nomellini

Work by April Nomellini

FUSEDChicago founder Shelley Gilchrist creates custom boards to execute her vision.

Shelley Gilchrist

Encaustic paintings by Shelley Gilchrist 

The possibilities are endless with encaustic. It’s a thrill to have my Piano Scrolls in such fantastic company.

Rhythm in Wax

The show closes February 23, so head on over to St. Charles to see all the creativity up close.


Encaustic paintings by Kathleen Waterloo

The next FUSEDChicago show is already up at the Fine Arts Building.


Wishing you a romantic end of the week. Mine will be filled with R.O.C.E., and I have a date with some Wine Goddesses tomorrow. Don’t stop believing in love.


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