Holiday Deadlines

I am getting personalized Christmas orders together, and wanted to give you a heads-up that if you want your loved ones to find a custom piece under the tree or in their stocking, the time to order is now. Orders confirmed before December 6 will be in the Holiday queue, but custom requests after that may not be completed by December 24.


These are my (often blistery) hands creating each piece, and it is better to have some time to gather the materials and measurements than to rush through a creation that is intended to last. Like Elf, my hands work at the speed of a cotton-headed ninnie-muggins, and rush orders don’t work too well.


Multiples of a piece will also require additional time, as I generally limit how often I re-use a color combination or a verse/hymn (for ornaments in particular). Since my pieces are intended to be one-of-a-kind, I have no more than 5 ornaments of a similar shape in stock at a time, so any number beyond that will have to be created from scratch.


You can order custom pieces anytime, but you might need a token placeholder for it if you order after December 6. I am also showing at 2 fairs this week and another mid-month, which takes a bite out of studio days.


Etsy orders of existing pieces should be made by December 16 to ensure on-time Christmas delivery. Note that items may wander off during the December 14 & 15 Bucktown Holiday Show, so you might want to call dibs by the 12th (I do take layaway orders).


The pieces pictured in this post are on Etsy, (and a few more to come after December 6) so poke around there for holiday gift ideas. The Etsy shop will be closed December 4 and December 6 for the fairs, as well as on December 14 and 15, reopening with the latest inventory updates after each fair.


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