Historic Conroe

My mind is on warmer climes these days, and I had a lovely time exploring historic downtown Conroe with my brother over the Christmas holiday.


We lunched at The Red Brick Tavern on 119 Simonton Street twice.


The walls have posters of famed country singers and there is a stage section for live music.


Burgers and Beer were on the menu (Cajun food) on day one, and I noshed on Nachos on my almost-last day in Texas.


I wish I knew a Kelly to send this photo to.


It was delicious and cozy.


Joined by my sister-in-law, we also swung by Conroe Coffee. Since they enjoyed Brothers K ‎ here so much their Conroe equivalent had to be showcased.


Located at 206 N Main Street, the woman-owned cafe has quirky wall decor, offers some gift items, sandwiches, pastries, desserts and of course a variety of coffee and tea.


I would lounge here frequently as well.


So if you’re in Conroe, Texas, go check out the charming blast from the past buildings with modern insides.


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