Halloween Spooks

It’s Halloween, and the last day for my sale at Artem Pop Up Gallery. I had fun making Halloween Ghost ornaments for the store.

I created a setup on Now That’s a Jig to create the basic ghost frame.

Then I wrapped a length of wire around the setup to make the shape.

I decided to embellish two with white paper for a spooky effect.

I accidentally tore one, but to me that created an interesting effect, so I ripped that paper a bit more.

Then I wrapped wire around two of the ghost shapes, like I did for my Spiral Goddess. I really like this effect.

I don’t know if they will actually be purchased, but just decorating my shelf with them was fun.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood is full of spooky fun too, but I am too busy prepping for the Wilder Mansion Holiday Market to edit those photos.

Happy Halloween!

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