Gathering of Wisdom Keepers

It’s been a week of busy-ness with snippets of self-care thrown in. I got my nails done Friday evening before the Brickton Art Opening and sitting still without anything to review, write, or create was a treat.


It’s been hard to plan for a non-business getaway this year because of the many work and social obligations popping up. So when Peaceful Parlour announced their Gathering of Wisdom Keepers, I marked my calendar right away.


On Saturday I took a mini-getaway to Geneva to get my spirit restored. After a 90-minute drive on a gorgeous day, I walked to Third Street and started scoping out the tents.


I was immediately asked if I wanted a massage, and got my neck and shoulders eased by Krysia Schwab of Kryssage. She offers maya abdominal massage, fertility massage, reiki at practices in St. Charles and Warrenville.


I met Bill Schwingel of Feng Shui 24, and learned about his practice for space clearing and balancing for your surroundings. He later presented on Earth Acupuncture.


Linda Hutcheson of Soul Flow, thai bodywork and reiki had a lovely tent where numerous people blissed out on her work.


I had lunch at Graham’s 318 and walked around Third Street on a glorious day to absorb all the positive vibes.


Summer doesn’t start without an ice cream cone!


Prior to lunch I had a one-card reading with Rebecca Brown of Dreaming Girl Highway. I later sat down for a formal oracle card reading, and then learned about her blessing wheel.


My first henna was drawn on me Thursday during the Main-Dempster Sip & Shop with See Jane Sparkle and Stumble & Relish.


I thought of having Angel’s heart tattooed, and Leah McCloskey of Heavenly Henna by Leah was happy to do it. Her focus is on natural henna incorporating your prayer, wish, dream or intention. I love the added sparkle.


Sandy Sabo taught about grounding with copper and showcased her lovely spiral pendants. She also makes wonderful spoon fish wind chimes.


Susan Francis hosted several animal communication sessions for dogs and cats.


Jen Reinhofer balanced my energy with a reiki session after which I just wanted to nap on the table.


Hope Ross makes lovely Reiki infused gemstone jewelry and I couldn’t resist a citrine ring by her.


Kathleen Reedy performed tuning fork chakra balancing and empathic soul work, incorporating color therapy and grid work. Vicky Feyen did Astrological chart readings while Stacy Chandler offered psychic medium readings, Akashic records, and crystal clearing.


David Zoberis demonstrated Sumi ink painting.


I did some shopping in the eco-friendly shop to keep the positive energy flowing at home.


Peaceful Parlour is located at 212 South 3rd Street on the lower level in Geneva, Illinois. Their hours are Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday 11am – 5pm


It is important to take time-outs when you can. While it is ideal to take a 48-hour window or more to unplug, sometimes an evening with friends, or an hour of getting your hands, head or body pampered will do the trick.


I have King Spa on my list to explore, and plan on returning to White Pines before Winter as well.


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