Fun at the Neighbor-to-Neighbor fair

My first exhibits were filled with high expectations. My first big outdoor fair wasn’t what I anticipated it to be. My second fair literally washed out. As I learned with each expo/show/exhibit my expectations went down this road:

  1. “I am going to sell out and get loads of commissions.”
  2. “I am going to make double the amount of what I spent to get into this venue/show.”
  3. “I am going to recoup my entry fee.”
  4. “Oh hey, I didn’t lose money this time!”
  5. “Woohoo, I am actually making a little money.”


Technically, if I were to add up my hourly wages, I probably would be in the red again, but the Lemont Fair was a good boost to my soul to keep doing what I am doing.


Being an artist is not the easiest of career choices. I knew that going in, and like this blog post eloquently says, there are no shortcuts (#3 is a toughie). What attracted me to the Neighbor to Neighbor market is its mission to help out families in need. I am fortunate to have financial leeway on this journey (this year at least), so to contribute to someone else’s well-being is just being a good steward of blessings.


Since I visit Lemont monthly now thanks to Aurora Rose (who introduced me to this fair) I wanted to interact with more community members, which was a pleasure.  I still have a lot to learn and explore in Lemont, but this town does draw me, with affirmations, with fun events, and with intriguing vistas and outing opportunities.


I sold my first angel ornament.


Three Pearls of Wisdom and Psalms 103:15 Were adopted as siblings and are moving to Boston.


The Open Heart collar joined them as a raffle prize.


Meanwhile Infinite Love and Gratitude (which is now getting some traction on Pinterest) will carry its energy and message into a blended family.


I know that each of my creations have a special place to be. Seeing them matched up with their new owners in person is such a gratifying experience.


As roller-coaster as the fairs can be, I am grateful to have so many venues to explore here in Chicagoland. I am also super-grateful for the retailers who believe in me — Aurora Rose, The Sugar Path, Stella Boutique and Peaceful Parlour — and give my creations the exposure that connects them to their intended owners.


It may sound anthropomorphic, But I do believe that ’the spirit is in all things’, and that the energy we put into the world emotionally, physically and with our vocation has a ripple effect outside of our own sphere.


It’s a blessed life I lead. 🙂

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